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About the Artist

26 White Street was the address of Tara White's childhood home...a place where her imagination ran wild and life was one big adventure. Welcome and thankyou for visiting. Tara hopes her work gives you as much pleasure as it did for her when she created it. Tara White is a self taught Artist and Illustrator based in Outer Geelong, Australia.

Tara loves nothing more than spending time in her home studio allowing her imagination to run free and creating beauty with her own two hands.

She takes enormous pleasure in creating watercolour pieces, whimsical ink illustrations and especially loves the feel of paint between her fingers. She finds her inspiration through the colours of nature and all the wonderful creatures around her.

Tara lives quite simply, enjoying the finer things in life...family, friends, good food and nature.

She walks through life and allows her imagination to fill in the gaps.